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The King's Treasures - Megilla

The King's Treasures - Megilla

Item Number: A3683

Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg

Format: Full Size / Hardcover

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Rabbinic literature describes the Book of Esther as the narrative where the Divine Presence is hidden, so that the miracle of Purim seems to be nothing more than a series of unrelated coincidences. Indeed -- that very hiddenness is the miracle: that even when the Creator’s hand seems to be concealed, He still controls events.

Because that that took place in a period of exile, and its lessons are especially relevant when Jews are subject to nations more powerful than they. It is fitting, therefore, that great sages and scholars search Megillas Esther and its related literature for hidden lessons and nuances. This book is an outstanding new addition to that traditional and time-honored genre.

The author, Rabbi Eliezer Ginzburg, is one of the outstanding scholars and teachers in the thriving Jewish neighborhood of Flatbush. His scintillating halachic and ethical discourses are marked by originality and relevance. No wonder his loyal audiences throng to hear him.

Now they can read him.

This translation of Rabbi Ginzburg’s commentary on the Book of Esther is an exceptional addition to the ArtScroll Series. It is at once challenging, enjoyable, and enlightening. The reader will turn its last page with the satisfying knowledge that the Megillah is a bit less concealed, that the “King’s Treasures” that fill it are more accessible than ever imagined -- and that one of the greatest treasures is the author himself.

ISBN-10: 0899063691
ISBN-13: 9780899063690

Tags: Purim,Purim,Books - A3683

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