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Jewish mysticism has long fascinated and intrigued scholars and truth-seekers of every kind. Kabbalah, the esoteric wisdom of Judaism, and Chasidism, its more accessible modern counterpart, have been the subjet of enless study and research. An authentic and scholarly English text that draws upon the full spectrum of traditional Jewish sources is a most valuable addition to this study. In this three-volume series, Rabbi Schochet, presents a sweeping survey of the major themes and concepts found in Kabbalah and Chasidism, and shows how the esoteric and exoteric aspects of Torah complement each other in a manner analogous to sould and body of one entity. Volume One: The Mystical Tradition - An overview of the general nature of Jewish mysticism, its place within Judasim, athe unique aspects that distinguish it from non-Jewish mysticism, and the significance of its dissemination in modern times. Volume Two: Deep Calling Unto Deep - Jewish mysticism, particularly Chasidism, offers uniqe insights into the dynamics of both tefila, prayer, and teshuva, repentance. This volume helps to make the pracitce of these to fundamental principles of Judaism a more consciously vital experience, exploring the spiritual dimentions of each of them. Volume Three: Chassidic Dimensions = Certain ideas and concepts - like that of universal Ahavat Yisrael, brother love, the figure of the Rebbe-Tzaddik, and the idea of a "joyful disposition," are so strongly identified with Chasic thought that many do not realize that they derive whilly from Talmud, Midrash and other classic traditions. Volume 1 / 168 pp. Volume 2 / 150 pp. Volume 3 /238 pp.

Publisher: Kehot Publication Society
Format: 6x9 Hardcover, 3 vols. 556pp

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