Quiz Me On The Nach - 1 Hebrew

Quiz Me On The Nach - 1 Hebrew


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"Quiz Me On Nach" is the most comprehensive book in the market today to test your knowledge of the Bible. More than 1600 questions and answers are drawn from the Early Prophets and the five Megillot. "Quiz Me On Nach" is structured to ask very detailed questions and provide the answers and the sources for further research in an exciting and challenging format. TaNaCh is a Hebrew acronym formed from the initial Hebrew letters of the Bible's three subdivisions: Torah (T)(the Five Books of Moses), Nevi'im (N) (Prophets) and Ketuvim (C)(Writings). This volume, NaCh, draws questions from the Early Prophets in Nevi'im and the Megillot in the Writings. In a separate volume, "Quiz Me On The Torah", more than 1200 questions and answers from the Five Books of Moses are presented. As the Director of Education and Culture of the Jewish Agency for Israel American Section, Dr. Moshe Avital, the author, administered the National Bible Contest for 12 years, and as such, developed the thousands of questions and answers that comprise this book. "Quiz Me On Nach" and the companion volume, "Quiz Me On The Torah" are most appropriate learning tools for contestants participating in the International Bible Contest, "Chidon HaTanach". Hebrew versions of these two books are also available. Educators and parents alike should take advantage of the unique methods of teaching Tanach as presented in this book! Challenge your students and children to attain the highest level of Torah knowledge possible. "Quiz Me On Nach" will raise the interest in Tanach study and will serve as a unifying factor for families and groups to learn with quizzes and discuss Biblical issues and points on Shabbat, holidays, and throughout the year.

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