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Halachos of Children & Chinuch

Halachos of Children & Chinuch

Item Number: L636

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

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In contrast to the plethora of books available nowadays on chinuch habanim and Jewish parenting, relatively little has been written regarding the many halachos pertaining to children from infancy until bar or bas mitzvah age. In Shema Beni, noted rav, posek, and author Rabbi Dovid Weinberger provides us with a clear and concise primer of the halachos, mitzvos, and customs applicable to minors, as well as the adults surrounding them.

In his lucid fashion, Rabbi Weinberger discusses the many chinuch-related halachic questions that come up frequently in every Jewish household with children. These include:

• Does a two-year-old need to wait at all between eating a meat meal and drinking milk?
• At what age should one’s child be encouraged to daven the whole Shemone Esrei? Recite the whole Birkas Hamazon?
• May one diaper a baby in a room where there are sefarim?
• At what age should a girl be trained to dress modestly?

The halachos brought down in this book have all been carefully and systematically culled from the Shulchan Aruch and the leading poskim, past and present. Every halachah is replete with documented source material to provide the scholarly reader with references for further research and study. As such, parents and educators of all backgrounds will find themselves turning to Shema Beni on a regular basis regarding the common (and sometimes not-so-common!) questions and issues that come up with their children each day.

ISBN: 978-1-60091-244-3

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