Living Shabbos for Children v1

Living Shabbos for Children v1


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ow did a pot of cholent help discover a lost Jewish child?
Why did Rav Shach prepare for Shabbos by rocking a baby's carriage?
How did Baron Rothschild save millions by keeping Shabbos?
Why did the little Arab boy love the song Lecha Dodi?
Shabbos. What a fantastic gift from Hashem! In Living Shabbos for Children, youngsters ages 4 - 8 will discover the wonders and importance of Shabbos. Based on the popular books Living Shabbos and Embrace Shabbos, this collection of fun, child-friendly stories and delightful pictures gives us a powerful and effective way to instill a love for Shabbos into our children. Our little ones will enjoy this book on Shabbos and even during the week! And, yes, it will enhance our own Shabbos too! --

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