Torah Scroll Column Reference

Torah Scroll Column Reference


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Index To Identify Each Column And To Locate Each Parashah/Aliyah

Skillfully connect to the Torah Scroll with confidence and joy.

This guide connects Hebrew readers of all ages with the joy of personally locating Shabbat and holiday Aliyahs as they appear in the Torah Scroll.

Easily find upcoming Shabbat and holiday Parashahs

The “Where is my Parashah?” section of this easy-to-use handbook enables readers to find and engage with the peshat, the literal and straightforward rendering of the Biblical text, in the exact Torah Scroll column where the reading commences.

Confidently know where the Torah Scroll is rolled (or unexpectedly rolled) to

The “Where am I?” section gives readers with even modest Hebrew reading skills the ability to identify the contents of any Torah Scroll column — the Sefer, Parashah, and Aliyah(s) contained within it. Students, bar mitzvah boys, and baalei teshuvah who can find simple nouns in a Hebrew dictionary have the prerequisite skills to use this reference guide.

The Torah Scroll Column Reference Guide is an indispensable companion to Torah Scrolls and Tikkun Kor’im and provides great benefit for native Hebrew speakers as well.

“The many who have felt the sinking, helpless feeling of opening a Torah scroll, only to find that it has been rolled to the wrong spot, can fully appreciate the great gift and service that the Torah Scroll Column Reference Guide provides. This guide should be in every synagogue and will make a perfect bar mitzvah gift for budding Torah readers in training!”

-Rabbi Yogi Robkin Outreach Director, Dallas Area Torah Association (DATA) of Plano, TX

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