The Hirsch Siddur

The Hirsch Siddur


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Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch brings to his monumental commentary on the Siddur the same penetrating power of insight found in his commentaries to Chumash and Sefer Tehillim. Rav Hirsch examines the structure and meaning of words, explores the underlying themes and ideas of the Siddur, and discusses the rhythm and cycle of tefilla – around the day, week, month, and year.

Here is an all-encompassing commentary that eloquently bridges the universal and the personal: the purpose and meaning of Creation along with the historical mission of Klal Yisroel, as ultimately expressed through the personal yearnings of each and every Jew, in tefilla.

Whenever you turn to The Hirsch Siddur - as a source of learning, insight, or inspiration --- you will discover a virtual fountain of enrichment and encouragement. Here is a commentary that makes the Siddur text accessible to all, transforming tefilla into a more meaningful and invigorating personal experience.

This edition of the Siddur also includes Rav Hirsch’s complete commentary to Pirkei Avos.

We are pleased to present a new, completely revised edition of the Hirsch Siddur. The Hebrew text has a pleasing font and user-friendly format, and the original English translation and commentary have been revised to a clear, modern idiom. The new edition is a valuable contribution for those who wish to benefit from the Hirsch Siddur.

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