Dearer Than Life

Dearer Than Life


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With his unique blend of profundity, sensitivity, learning, and humor, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.> explores some of the core questions that engage thinking, mature people:

What is my function in life? How can I relate to my soul while continuing to nurture my body? How can I turn “meaning” into a practical, satisfying reality, instead of a fluffy cliche?

In this book, Rabbi Twerski is not dealing with “problems.” He is sitting down with his readers and having a heart-to-heart discussion on how to make life more meaningful. He is an acknowledged master of the entertaining story and down-to-earth common sense. His real world advice and guidance have helped tens of thousands of people enrich their lives.

The contemporary media is filled with dialogue of how people -- even very successful ones -- complain about a spiritual or emotional vacuum that prevents life from being as full and happy as it should and could be. The Torah has the answers. As a world-renowned psychiatrist, Rabbi Twerski shows us how the Torah speaks to modern man in terms relevant to today’s complicated world.

Rabbi Twerski has a lifetime of achievement and countless salvaged lives and families to his credit. In Dearer Than Life,

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