Az'amrah Peaceful Moon

Az'amrah Peaceful Moon


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Original Release Date Oct 10, 2006
"In a time to come
we will learn to sing a song
never heard before
yet within us all along"

Everything around us was created with song. "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth." The letters of ?????? can be rearranged to be read ?????? ?/? so that the posuk instead translates: "With a Song of Alef through Tof, God created the heaven and the earth." This means that at the dawn of time the Creator composed a song with notes borrowed from all of what was yet to come; from the Alef through Tof of existence, i.e. from all future life down to the details of each of our lives. It was this music that God sang at the first moment of creation. By looking far into the future, God was able to use our very lives as the basis for all creation-
"???? ???????? ????????????? ?????????". This idea reveals the brilliance of creation; we all played a part in the forming of our lives, we are in a sense our very own parents. Indeed, creation is an ongoing process and everyday is a new maaseh breishis. Each day it is our actions that provide the notes anew for the grand song of creation and this song in turn comes back to shape the environment we live in. It is a continuous give and take between God and man, a cycle of song telling the story of mankind. Our highest calling is to be always in tune to the universe's shira; to feel the unity, the achdus of the Alef to Tof of our existence, and manifest to the world this reality as worthy bearers of the divinely gifted name ????? = ???? ?-?, the eternal song of the Creator, of all life!

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