The Mishkan  Interactive DVD

The Mishkan Interactive DVD


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The Mishkan / Tabernacle DVD (Kleinman Edition)
Its Structure, Its Sacred Vessels, and the Kohen's Garments - An Interactive Multimedia Computer Experience
Take a tour where YOU are in control:
¦Walk through the Mishkan
¦Climb the ramp to the Mizbe'ach/Altar
¦Move around as you wish.
Explore verses in amazing detail:
¦See detailed photo-realistic images, including dimensions and alternate opinions
¦Watch verses come to life through animation
¦Rotate 3D models of the sacred vessels
¦Zoom in for a close-up view
¦See the Kohen Gadol's garments
¦See the Aron/Holy Ark and the Cherubim, the Menorah, the Shulchan/Table, the Golden Incense Altar
¦Listen to a master teacher explaining a complex verse
¦Bring up the classic ArtScroll Rashi, fully translated and elucidated
¦Intuitive user interface
Watch the Mishkan being built and see the vessels being assembled:
¦Fly above it for a birds-eye view
¦Watch the details of each vessel and the Kohen Gadol's garments come to life

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