Family Tehillim - Red

Family Tehillim - Red


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The Illustrated Family Tehillim - Red [The Raksin Edition] with Hebrew and English translation and additional commentary for each Psalm. This book of Tehillim is written just for you. Of course the words of the mizmorim are the same, but the rest is different. Stories and ideas that kids from 6-16 will find interesting; fun facts like who wrote the perek and why; roshei teivot and gematriyot. How and when we say each chapter and where you’ll find it in davening or minhagim. An icon that shows the special power of that perek: to heal the sick, to bring peace and safety to Eretz Yisroel, to express our thanks to Hashem, or simply to tell Hashem what’s in your heart. Color coding to show things you might otherwise miss -- like a chapter in alef-bet order. A Hebrew font that is clear and easy to read, with each new passuk clearly marked. So, whether you like history, numbers, words, plants, animals, or music, there’s something here for you! Now you can say Tehillim with real excitement and kavanah.

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