Man Of Faith In Modern World

Man Of Faith In Modern World


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This is the second series of reconstructions made by Rabbi Abraham Besdin of the Shiurim ( lessons) given by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. Among the sixteen essays are: The First Jewish Grandfather, Symbolism of Blue and White,The Man of Faith in a Technological World, As a Bridegroom with His Bride,Shaping Jewish Character, Destiny, not Causality Governs Jewish History,The Universal and the Covenental, the Covenental Role of Sarah, May we interpret Hukim? Interpreting the Parah Adumah, From Negative to Affirmation, Sitting Shivah Is Doing Teshuvah,Rabbi Akiba's Homily on Teshuvah, The Haftarah of Jonah on Yom Kippur, Hakafot , Moving in Circles.

Each essay of Rabbi Soloveitchik is a world of thought in itself and a cause for celebration for those who hunger for deeper Jewish understanding.

This essays will deepen the learning and understanding of Judaism of all who reads and studies them.

ISBN: 9780881253122

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