Visualization and Imagery

Visualization and Imagery


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Visualization and Imagery: Harnessing the Power of the Mind's Eye
isualization is a key element in our quest for true, lasting change and transformation. Much of the way we experience life is borne of our visual intake. The things we see affect the way we are.

We assume that what we see with our eyes is absolute. Yet, beyond our ability to choose what we see, we have the ability to choose how we see. This directly translates into how we experience life.

In a world saturated with visual imagery, our senses are continuously assaulted with Kelipa / empty / fantasy imagery that we would not necessarily choose. These images can negatively affect our relationship with ourselves, with the world around us, and with the Divine.

This volume sets out to show us how we can alter that which we observe through harnessing the power of our mind's eye, the inner sanctum of our imagination. We thus create a new way to see and experience the world.

This book teaches us how to utilize visualization and imagery as a way to develop our spiritual sensitivity and higher intuition, and ultimately achieve Deveikus, Unity with the Divine.

Through the excavation and restoration of authentic Torah practices and ancient wisdom, Rav Pinson sheds new light onto these historical treasures and brings them into today's modern setting, providing us with real tools to transform our lives and connect with the Creator.

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