Festivals of Faith-Adar/Purim

Festivals of Faith-Adar/Purim


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Festivals of Faith - Adar and Purim

Connect and grow with the Jewish Year by discovering its essence

What kind of shekalim do we give today and how do we purchase korbanos with them?

What happens when the highest lights crash into the lowest worlds?

Why can we absorb Purim only when drunk?

How is the story of Adar the story of our generation?

What are the pieces of the Purim mystery and what is the picture that they paint?

AMOS HANAVI (8:11) predicted that preceding Mashiach’s arrival there would be a famine — not for bread and water, but for the word of Hashem. This explains why more and more people find themselves needing the nourishment of the deeper layers of Torah.

Festivals of Faith, presenting the Torah of Rav Moshe Wolfson, shlita, Rav of Beis Midrash Emunas Yisrael and Mashgiach Ruchani of Mesivta Torah Vodaath, attempts to satisfy this hunger and quench this thirst.

Written in a light and engaging style, the Festivals of Faith series draws from the mystical layers of Torah as transmitted through the channels of Chassidus.

Sprinkled throughout are astounding gematrios, marvelous sidebars, and next-level appendices — and each chapter ends with a practical takeaway.

This series opens up the rich resources of the Jewish year, enabling our emunah to blossom with the Festivals of Faith.

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