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Living Kabbalah


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A Guide to the Sabbath and Festivals in the Teachings of Rabbi Refael Moshe Luria

By Simcha H. Benyosef

Shabbos Kodesh. The golden aura descends and the veil of materialism is lifted. Every week we are given the opportunity to rise to ever-higher spiritual heights. But how can we achieve such a lofty goal? How can we deepen our attachment to the Divine Source of Blessing that radiates into our homes on Shabbos and the Chagim?

In the newly released and revised, second edition of Living Kabbalah, Simcha H. Ben Yosef, explains the teachings of Jerusalem Kabbalist, Rabbi Refael Moshe Luria, a direct descendant of the Holy Ari, zatzal. This practical guide to the hidden landscape of Jewish mysticism helps us to:

# identify the soul's passionate longing to be connected to G-d
# make Shabbos meals more elevated experiences deepen our understanding of the Shabbos and Yom Tov prayers
# understand the unique qualities of each Yom Tov clarify the role of concealment and joy in Divine Service
# use discipline to access the soul’s innate joy

Living Kabbalah is a book for thirsty souls who wish to drink from the inner wellsprings of the Torah’s Light, and develop a more active intimate relationship with G-d.

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ISBN: 1-58330-893-8


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